DR. Changaris /MD-Neurochemist & Neurosurgeon

Treating his wife’s skincare allergies: Just about anything applied would create red angry skin. Developing minimalist skin care helped: no synthetic detergents, no antibiotics (preservatives) and simple building blocks of nutrition.
What Dr. Changaris wants to share:
– Skincare without common allergens avoids causing food allergies.
– A disordered skin biome steals essential nutrients the skin needs for health and beauty.
– Certain oils help restore the skin’s biome by blocking the growth of bacterial irritants.
It took fifteen years to develop the formulas and manufacturing protocols. Dr. Changaris built the first FDA registered Drug Manufacturing Site totally dedicated to common allergen free production. He developed a proprietary method for purifying water to satisfy the stringent criteria used for intravenous fluids. All ingredients pass common allergen free, non-GMO analysis.
All this and the underlying drive to avoid antibiotics (preservatives) and provide nourishing elements.